We believe in strong customer relations and solid collaborative partners.

Our strength lies in our dynamic team spirit, sustaining broad knowledge and a strong position in our market. We are motivated by values such as honesty, respect and sustainability.

We strive to:
1. Ensure that all employees have focus on high-quality and product safety in all aspects and are up to date on all applicable goals and values.
2. Deliver the correct product at the agreed time, while continuously improving quality and services.
3. Identify and evaluate potential risks.
4. Meet all relevant customer requirements in compliance with all legal and regulatory procedures as well as standards for procurement of services, products and tasks.
5. Work to achieve a high level of satisfaction with all stakeholders.
6. Contribute actively to ensure the best possible employee training and development, this including fulfillment of current policies and goals, including agents.
7. Proactively review processes to ensure corrective actions are taken to address any discrepancies.






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