• Freebee Bentonite KABEL is an high performance, heat conducting bentonite product, designed for power lines installed in casings. Outstanding low thermal resistance of Freebee Bentonite KABEL provides heat dissipation in power line’s closest environment reducing capacity loss in the cable line. The power capability of the cable run is permanently increased.
  • Freebee Bentonite KABEL improves heat dissipation for cables in range of: Medium Voltage (1-33 kV), High Voltage (110-138 kV), Extra High Voltage (230-800 kV), as well as Ultra High Voltage (higher than 800 kV). The Product is recommended for all range of casing type installation, where cable is installed inside the pipeline. Freebee Bentonite KABEL simulates the normal ground conditions – its thermal resistance is designed to correspond with moisture soil in situ.


  • Provides heat dissipation from electricity cables installed in casing
  •  Low thermal resistivity in at 0.75-0.8 K∙m/W
  • Thermal resistivity better than air, water, bentonite mud and others
  • Keeps cables in a fixed position inside in the casing
  • Provides even contact between a casing wall and a power cable
  • Easy to mix and pump, continuous agitators can be used for automatic grout preparation (jet grouting)
  • Suspension keep the parameters endless
  • Easy and cost efficient at power cable displacement




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