• Horizontal Directional Drilling, Oilfield, Microtunneling, Civil Engineering
  • Effective component for drilling fluids in loose gravel formation
  • Bentonite suspension for cement slurries
  • Lost circulation slurry component
  • Effective viscosifier and water loss controller
  • Component of lubrication systems


  • High resistance for calcium environment
  • Effective viscosifier and stabilizer in low consolidate, porous formation
  • Low water loss level
  • Excellent carrying capacities at low annular velocities
  • Provides effective lubricity
  • High thermal stability
  • Compatible with wide range drilling polymers
  • Dispersed easily with high shear
  • Easy to clean in shale shakers and hydrocyclones


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  • Freebee A/S
  • Bønderskov 4
  • DK-5540 Ullerslev, Denmark
  • Tel: +45 81104120

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