PAF (Potassium Aluminium Fluoride)


PAF (KAlF4) is a commercial grade fused solid inorganic salt. It is a complex fluoride salt of potassium and aluminium. The material serves as an alternative to conventional fluoride salts for a variety of applications.


  • Used as a fluxing agent in the smelting of secondary aluminium
  • Used to reduce or remove the magnesium content of the smelt
  • Used in the manufacture of grinding wheels (filler/binder) and other abrasive products
  • Glass producers use the PAF for opacification, or to cloud the glass; giving it a milky white color


  • The addition of fluoride enhances the general performance of the salt flux
  • Improves metal purity
  • Separates metals from oxide and dross and prevents incendiary burning of the aluminum


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