Freebee FY-5 Salt Flux

A mixture of sodium chloride (NaCl) and potassium chloride (KCl) is used to make a salt flux. Freebee FY-5 Salt Flux is of very high purity and it offers several advantages over the standard salt fluxes presently used in the majority of reclamation plants. The furnaces where salt flux is used may be reverberatory with side well or fixed and rotary tilting furnaces (RTF), each of these furnaces is trying to accomplish the same thing; that is to melt scrap with minimal losses arising from the oxidation of the aluminium.


  • Used for recovering aluminium from high surface area or dirty aluminium scrap and dross


  • Lower flux consumption
  • Lower energy costs
  • Higher metal recoveries
  • Reduction of black dross generation, which decreases waste disposal costs
  • Mixing under strict control ensures the absence of oxidising agents
  • The high purity reduces the possibility of contaminating the metal with unwanted elements

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