Environmental, Social and Governance


In Freebee we believe that it is our obligation to bear responsibility in relation to environmental, social and diversity issues as our contribution to sustainability.

We aim to achieve our business goals through strong, long-lasting collaborations with our partners and we believe that mutual honesty and reliability are the key words to approaching this.

We believe that focusing on the innovative technologies and continuous improvement of products and processes help us to meet evolving quality and environmental requirements from our business partners.

Our team of skilled and committed employees work collaboratively and passionately to achieve our business goals. We aim to be a working place offering the best possible work environment for all of them.

Code of Conduct applies to all our partners and includes following commitments:

Our commitment for the environment

Freebee is ISO 14001:2015 certified and dedicates its activities to continuous improvement of overall environment performance. We encourage our partners to demonstrate their responsibility to comply with environmental laws and regulations applicable to their activities as well as with Freebee´s quality and environmental policy.

Product specific CO2 is calculated using production system SCADA-data. This information is measured in kWh and converted to its tons CO2 equivalent using values defined by our energy-provider, Energinet. This value is averaged and assigned to each product.

Transport specific CO2 is determined by using an emissions calculator to find the diesel equivalent value per ton. This includes all modes of transport involved for each specific shipment (truck, train, and ship). Freebee uses the WTW (well to wheels) value, as this includes all processes involved in producing fuel up to its usable form (the harvesting crude oil, refinery, transport, and storage) in addition to the total CO2 generated for inbound goods (when applicable) and outbound goods delivered to their final destination.

Our supply is from the municipal public network

The company’s waste is sorted, handled, and disposed in terms with The Local Authorities’ regulations for commercial waste. Materials as well as used filters from the ventilations system shall be handled as hazardous waste. Based on the test performed on the big bags it has been assessed by The Local Authorities that the bags, that cannot be reused, can be removed as combustible waste to an approved recipient. Hazardous waste shall be stored indoors to prevent the contamination of soil, groundwater or surface water.

We reuse the packing materials if possible. Unusable packaging will by default go to general waste since it is empty for dangerous contents. We have performed a test on the unused contents of the material waste in multiply big bags. The big bag is cut open for the unused contents of the material waste to be examined after the big bag has been emptied. The research indicates that there are unused contents of around 3 grams of material per big bag. Wasted or spilled material is immediately collected and disposed on the terms of applicable rules and regulations on hazardous waste. Waste consisting of clean pure plastic from shrink caps, cardboard from packaging and wood from pallets are furthermore the occurring waste.

Our commitment as an employer

Freebee does not tolerate the exploitation of prison labour, slavery, or trafficking of persons as well as forced or involuntary labour. The work staff of Freebee consists of free people that have willingly chosen to work for the company. Freebee believes that the protection of the human rights is fundamental to keep a good and sustainable workplace for the employees. The employees of Freebee are trained on their rights and treated with dignity and respect. The principle and policy of keeping a good workplace within the company exceeds to suppliers and clients as well, and it is expected and enforced that those employees are treated and trained with the same dignity and respect and there are according to the human rights act.

Freebee is committed to comply with the regulations of the United Nations on children’s rights. Freebee is not using child labour in the making of chemical products. It is expected and enforced by Freebee that suppliers and clients implement a reasonable way to verify the age of employees. It is also enforced that workers under the age of 18 years old are protected by international laws and regulations. These young workers shall not work in conditions that has been proven to have negative consequences on the young workers’ health and safety such as working overtime, working in nightshifts, and handling demanding equipment that is likely to put young workers in risk of injuries or reduced health. It is required that young workers are free and have willingly chosen to work it is also required that young workers are trained in the handling of equipment and in the manufacturing.

All workers of Freebee are trained with in correlation with the labour rights act. Suppliers and clients of Freebee should be committed to train their workers in correlation with the labour rights act, as well as teach and educate them to work in a safe and responsible manner for both themselves, their co-workers, and the environment.

Employees working at Freebee are protected by local law and national as well as international law and regulations to preserve the labour rights. Freebee is committed to follow the rules on decent work and working hours by scheduling the working hours in accordance with agreements and contracts, and well in advance. Local agreement is described in company policies/staff handbook, available for each employee on Freebee`s intranet.

Freebee puts a lot of emphasis on making sure that workdays are balanced, educational and exciting. Freebee is combatting repeatable tasks by shifting the tasks of the employees in production. Office employees have a possibility for remote working and flexible working hours.

It is believed at Freebee that a healthy physical and psychological working environment is a necessary and crucial point for both employer and employees.

Freebee follows the Danish regulations on Health and Safety requiring that cooperation on occupational health and safety takes place through a Health and Safety Organisation (in Danish AMO). The task of the Health and Safety Organisation is to help ensure a good working environment and prevent occupational health and safety problems. A Health and Safety Organisation is responsible both for daily and general tasks related to health and safety at work. Health and safety representatives and work managers in the Health and Safety Organisation have undergone a three-day Danish Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) training course.

Workers should be working in safe and healthy conditions and should have the right to refuse unsafe work. At Freebee it is all employees’ responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. Managers and leaders have the responsibility of creating appropriate safety measures and instructions to make working most suitable. Workers must comply with these safety measures and regulations and be responsible for their own safety and health as well. The system for automatic monitoring of dust and noise levels in production has been installed lately, and day-to-day updates are available for each employee.

Employees are presented for safety working procedures as well as workwear/closing and personal protective equipment on their first working day. Health and safety issue is on agenda regularly, on staff meeting every Monday.

Procedures and requirements are described in staff handbook/company policies, available on company`s internet.

Pandemic plan is updated on monthly basis or when changes occur.

Every third year Freebee prepares a written health and safety risk assessment (APV), in written and available for reading by the management, employees and Danish Working Environment Authority.

Freebee is committed to human rights based on the belief that they are the very foundation on which a company must progress. Freebee choses to cooperate solely with states that are willing to improve their human rights.

Direct and indirect discrimination are prohibited in the Danish labour market during hiring, employment and on termination. This law also applies in Freebee. Company culture is global and open-minded and we aim to create a workplace where different perspectives are valued and embraced. We believe that inclusiveness and diversity make Freebee more enriching environment for everyone. For Freebee, having inclusive practices in place is fundamental to the overall success of a workforce diversification strategy.

We encourage candidates/job seekers regardless of background, to apply for jobs in our company and give all applicants an equal opportunity.

We recruit candidates using a process that is free from biases for or against any individual or group of candidates. We see the strong recruiting strategy for diversity as a sure way to improve our team’s performance.

As an international company, with 25 % employees coming from other countries than Denmark, we are focused on both diversity and inclusion on daily basis.

Company policies/staff handbook includes ethical rules for employees.

Our commitment for building community relations

One of Freebee`s values is to make a positive difference by establishing and maintaining mutually beneficialrelationships with the communitiesin which company operates. Freebee takes civic andmoral responsibility and supports variety of initiatives. Freebee is a sponsor of community sportstalent in swimming and sponsor of community charity Christmas event. Furthermore, Freebee offers an internship for elementary school students twice a year and has a cooperation with job center on internship for vulnerable and disadvantage adults.

External Practices

Ethics and Anti-corruption practices

Freebee does not tolerate or support any form of corruption whether that be bribery, kickback schemes, facilitating payments or Public Officials. Freebee is committed and in full compliance with international laws regarding anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism.

Suppliers and clients or other related business partners who does not comply with the laws, regulations or the simple principle of anti-corruption will not be tolerated, and Freebee will not collaborate or undergo any business dealings with these businesses and individuals.

Our business partnership support goes to three main areas: prevention of cancer, support and advice to cancer patients and their relatives, and cancer research.

Being a Danish company acting in the international marked, still makes us socially responsible at home. By supporting the Danish Cancer Society, which is the largest disease-fighting organization in Denmark, we support both children and adults.

Every 3 persons in Denmark will be affected by cancer during their lives. Fortunately, more and more survive this horrible disease. By supporting the Danish Cancer Society, we help make sure that our scientists gain new and crucial knowledge in the fight against cancer.