Aluminium fluoride (AlF3) also known as aluminium trifluoride, trifluoroalumane and trifluoroaluminum is an inorganic compound used primarily in the production of aluminium. This colorless solid can be prepared synthetically but also occurs in nature.



  • Used by aluminium producers to lower the melting point of electrolytes during smelting process
  • Used as a flux ingredient for the removal of magnesium in the refining of aluminium scrap
  • Used for glazing mixtures and in the production of refractory products in the ceramic industry
  • Used in the manufacture of aluminium silicates
  • Used in the Glass Industry as a filler


  • Temperature-lowering properties
  • AlF3 has a definite energy saving effect
  • Enables aluminum alloys to be produced, that are almost free of magnesium