freebee achieves

AAA gold diploma for highest creditworthiness

We are one of the 4578 companies in Denmark that this year has been awarded the AAA gold diploma for highest creditworthiness based on Dun & Bradstreet's credit rating system. Within the sector Wholesale of other raw materials and semi-finished products, the company is one of 37 companies with the same rating

Gazelle business

The Gazelle is presented annually to companies with continuous and substantial growth over a four-year period and has been the pride of Danish companies since its inception in 1995.


Spar Nord and BDO's business award, Succesvirksomhed, is a tribute to companies that contribute to growth and success in the Danish business community. The award was established in 2019, and is awarded to companies that have demonstrated the greatest ability to deliver solid results and high growth year after year.