Freebee Branding


Brand Story

Starting a new year and looking forward to all its opportunities, we decided to modernize the Freebee image and are proud to introduce our new logo. The inspiration behind the new design embodies the aspects of what we do. The hexagonal form reflects geometric perfection, symbolizing the chemical forms of our products, while still embracing a beehive design in keeping with the FreeBEE name. Its global form represents our many partnerships, supplying raw materials around the world. The new color was chosen to communicate our level of professionalism, characterizing our values of stability and reliability in all that we do.
logo concept

Logo types


C 100 M 73 Y 36 K 22
R 0 G 70 B 105
HEX # 004669

C 69 M 33 Y 25 K 1
R 85 G 144 B 169
HEX # 5590a9

Brand identity